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Your attention is invited to mega- cool online game with new mechanics Starjack io with the keys from the developer SideQuest Software Ltd!

This game is not available on mobile.
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An interesting online game with the original name presented on our site for free.
It has already been played 261 times.
The rating of the game is 4.2 / 5 and scored 105 likes.
Available Devices: PC.
Developed on HTML5 and works on all computers and phones - play fullscreen without lags.
Date Added: 07.04.2019
Site version language: English

Space battles with invaders, conquest of the planets, battles for power and attacks on the enemy base.

You are in the role of the cosmic conqueror. Your goal is to conquer as many enemy bases as possible, but it will be difficult to capture the comic world alone. Wait for team members (gamers from all over the world) or take as your assistant AI a bot who will always help you out and quickly figure out how to get out of a difficult situation, when your life will «hang in the balance» he will not be left behind.

At the beginning of the game at your disposal one planet, your main base, where space attack aircraft are produced. They perform the function of protecting your base, attacking enemies and other various military actions.

There will be many others around your planet. With one click of the mouse, conquer enemy bases and expand your possession, but first it is recommended to think over the strategy and tactics of attack. With each new planet to increase the level of base protection, thus enhancing your army.

Play for free on and become the main conqueror in the cosmic world.