Slither io

Slither io

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🎲Interesting online game Slither io presented on our website for free.
It has already been played 2869 times
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Rating 4.2/5 and 1309 👍likes!
Available devices: 📱Mobile phones, android, tablets.
Designed in HTML5 and works on all computers and phones - play in full screen without lags and without registration.
Date added:06.10.2019
Website version language: 🇺🇸English

For easy control of the snake, users are selected convenient ways: using the mouse or the keyboard keys and also right or the left button for quick speed boost. Choose your own style of play!

You are presented with a large selection of skins that allows you to be diverse, for example, black, red, yellow and so on. To change your skin you need to unlock it. It is easy to do when you press the button: click on the social sharing buttons on the main screen of and reload the page. Then will appear a function which will help you choose a new look. With this your moment of playing stay more fascinating and beyond compare.


Mouse for move
Left button for quick speed boost