Clicker is a specific genre of online flash games. They are designed for a wide age category and don’t require any special abilities to pass levels. The feature of flash games "Clicker" is intuitive controlling. You need only a mouse or a mobile phone to play.

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Do it just by clicking and passing the challenges. All games have the same gameplay, but visually these games are significantly different. Distinctive features of flash games:

  • Different games genres at any taste: Monsters, Heroes, Dungeon, Traveler's Clicker.
  • Most of the gameplay is based on fighting monsters by clicking.
  • There are record tables and lists of the strongest players and the winners.
  • Numerous levels with multiple degrees of complexity.

Every game has its own plot story, mobs, environment, distinct locations and other interactive elements. During the game, the process is not lost, you can stop at any time. Choose the game and compete with top players to prove your skillfulness.

If you don’t have the player, you can download it at no cost from its official site. Then you just press Play, and the game begins. As you can see, most players rate it with 5 stars. If you want to come back to it once again, you may add it to favorites.