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Each boy can build a unique world thanks to Minecraft. The world of blocks captivates players who are interested in building something new and interesting. The square possibilities are great, here you can realize any fantasy. But in order to build something, you need to work hard. For example, to find certain materials, tools, bowels for the implementation of the plan. Earth, water, lava, grass are necessary elements. Many related items: pickaxe, spade, trees, etc.

Surviving in such conditions is not an easy task, especially if someone is hunting for you. Plots are supplemented by exciting events, difficulties, obstacles. A zombie may be waiting around the corner or a trap set! You need to stay calm, attentive, fulfill several goals at the same time, life can be limited. The main areas are rpg, shooter games, survival games, construction. The graphics are different, from simple drawings to high-quality 3D. You won’t be bored, choose your favorite genre and play Maycraft games for free, online.

How to play
Build a house, start livestock (dogs, cats, chickens, cows and sheep), defend yourself against excessively curious neighbors and create coalitions in a fascinating square world.

You will definitely need recipes and useful plants - everything will go in the game. To build buildings faster, you need the right blocks of metal, wood, glass. Do not forget that you will need food supplies and weapons.

Here, the day lasts 20 minutes, at night the monsters go hunting, so the most difficult thing is the first night in the game, for which you need to have time to build at least the simplest house in which you can protect yourself from attacks and relax.

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