2048 Games

What is this game like? Mathematics, logic and precision of every action are description for this flesh game. Upgrade you brain and skills.

Styles of game:

  • Classical 2048 game with non-intrusive music and laconic design.
  • Design that resemble bee cells – a new decision for standard 2048 game.
  • Freaky designs dedicated to zombie, bests and even aliens!

During this logical game, each connection of the same numbers leads to the new block with a doubled indicator. First "2", then "4", then "16" and so on. The player's task is to reach the number "2048" by constantly doubling previous numbers. And if this happens, you will be the winner.

 It’s an excellent form of relaxation, a short distraction and unloading from everyday routine. 2048 is suitable both for students and adults. Choose the game, click on the icon and develop your strategy that will lead to the win.