Dino robot


Want to spend time with huge dinosaurs? This section is dedicated to the mechanical dinosaurs. Gamers who keen on robots and transformers will appreciate this addictive project, regardless of age. Arcade games combine the strength and power of dinosaurs with the invincibility of robots.

Gameplay of projects is represented:

  • Construct your own robot with your hands.
  • Tyrannosaurs, Velociraptors, Allosaurs, Triceratops and Pachycephalosaurs – it’s not a complete list of available models of a dinosaur.
  • The gamer can create not only dinosaurs, but also other types of robots: tigers, mammoths, wolves, and even unicorns.

The gameplay is also connected with famous Transformers. It makes passing levels more interesting and exciting. It depends on you, where to stuck in with these games, since the controlling is carried out using a computer mouse or a touch screen. Chose the game, click on the icon and let’s create a unique creature!

As you see, the Dino robot games has a high rating and a lot of likes. After you play, feel free to rate and like it as well. Your opinion will help other users understand if the game is worth trying.