Five nights at freddys


Horror games fascinating, but very scary. Here the player will find the world of animatronics robots. The main goal is to survive. In the first game «5 Nights with Freddie 1», you act as Mike Schmidt. You should spend five sleepless and terrible nights alone with Freddy and his friends in the pizzeria «Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza».

The only way to survive is to keep your eyes open on all the surveillance cameras and close the doors in time so that no animatronics can get to you. The main challenge is to hold out from midnight to six in the morning.

Some peculiarities of games:

  • You can play on your PC or mobile phone.
  • Numerous levels of difficulty and different parts.
  • Point and click and survival horror genres.

As a night guard, the player must repel the attack of sinister robots, not allowing them to get into the guard room. Terrible monsters start their hunt every night, and the main character must hide so that no one will find and see him. Due to their concept, developers do not have any limitations for game design and thus these games can be so crazy as creepy and addictive. Control of the game is carried out using a computer mouse. Click the left mouse button to perform the action.