IO Battle Royale

Game Battle Royale Battle Royale is an updated version of the familiar Battle Royale is an intense battle lasting 3-5 minutes. There is no rest in this version; you are always in action, in battle! This game has a map in which you can choose a place. You can choose preferable mode: solo, duo or squad.

This game is not available on mobile.

An interesting online game with the original name Battle Royale presented on our site for free.
It has already been played 3790 times.
The rating of the game is 4.2 / 5 and scored 156 likes.
Available Devices: PC.
Developed on HTML5 and works on all computers and phones - play fullscreen without lags.
Date Added: 07.12.2019
Site version language: English

Here you have medical equipment that you can use! Never leave the role of the best fighter, because dangers await you at every turn! You must improve your fighting skills and use all the weapons that are given to you in the game, this will help you to be the fastest and most agile! In just three or five minutes, you have to win or you lose. Choose your way. Each time the game will become more difficult, but all the skills you previously acquired will always help you.


  • choice of modes
  • intensity
  • weapon selection.

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