Zombie games are an undeniable classic of the genre! Blood splatters, limbs are flying in all directions, and the protagonists screech in horror. Cruel as they are, zombie games are among the most scenic and impressive ones. In this section, you can find the games that take on a classical approach to the genre as well as those who add a modern original twist to it.

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Zombie games are not for the faint-hearted — if you like them, you are a hardcore player. To make the best of this game, you should open it in full-screen mode.

  • Some games were built with HTML5 and should run smoothly in any modern desktop or mobile browser. You don’t need to install any additional software to launch them.
  • Others are based on Flash, so you should enable the Flash Player in your browser.

In case you don’t have this player, which is a very rare occasion, you can download it for free from its official website. All the games from our catalog are free and won’t require you to register on our site. If you like some games in particular, feel free to add them to your favorites.