1010 Deluxe

Thinking game 1010! Deluxe at FreegamesBoom.com. Play for free and upgrade your tragic skills!

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This is a great puzzle style game based on your favorite Tetris game. With it, you will relax and simultaneously develop mental abilities. Spend your free time with benefits.

On a field with an area of ​​10x10 cells, you will place various shapes made up of square blocks. The figures appear at the bottom of the horizontal panel in three copies. To continue the game, you must install all three figures. It is absolutely clear that the area of ​​the field is small and all colored blocks will not fit, but there is a way out: if you build a full line of blocks in the entire width or length of the area, it magically disappears and makes room for new set figures. Installing another object in the 1010 deluxe game, make sure that there is a place for the next one, if it does not remain, the game will end and the points scored will be fixed.

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