MANAGEMENT GAMES is a game in which you have to feel like a boss. You will manage something. It can be your own business, a supermarket, a store, an amusement park, or you can be a director of a company, a company or a school principal. You will need to make various decisions so that your business is in control.

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Show yourself in the best possible way and make your employees respect you. Calculate all the money and resource costs in advance to make competent choices. You can become the owner of the restaurant, prepare dishes and earn the trust of customers with your service. Choose any plot you like. Look for new innovative solutions to promote your business and attract customers. Use logic and mindfulness.

Also, you may share in on social networks: just press the corresponding button in the right bottom corner, and the system will suggest sharing it on Facebook, Twitter, and other networks you’re likely to use. After you finish playing, please rate the game by assigning it a minimum of 1, maximum 5 stars to it.

Game Features:

  • strategic games
  • many stories and characters
  • pleasant graphics

Become the boss at MANAGEMENT GAMES!