If you like surfing, diving, boat racing, or other kinds of water sports and activities, you’ll definitely enjoy Water games. They’ll save your day if you can’t afford a seaside holiday right now. Water games are full of drive and adrenaline.

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They recreate the experience of cliff diving, underwater treasure hunting, or frolicking in a water park. Don’t get bored at home or work — upgrade your surfing skills and ride on the crest of the wave! 

All the games in our catalog are 100% free and belong to 2 types:

  • Some of them are built on HTML5 and should run smoothly in any mobile or desktop browser.
  • Others are based on Flash: to launch them, you need to enable Flash Player in your browser.

To get the most impressive visual experience, you can open each game in full-screen mode by pushing the corresponding button in the right bottom corner. When you finish playing, please rate the game with a minimum of 1, maximum 5 stars — this will help other users understand whether it’s worth trying.

This multiplayer game will make your racing fantasies come true. You won’t need to register on our site either: simply press Play, and the fun begins.