The Fixies

The Fixies

Cartoons about little mechanics was created in 2010 year. Main characters are tiny people who live inside technical devices and they always ready to help if something breaks in these devices. They conduct a small excursion and explain how its structure is arranged.

These games help to spend the player’s time with fun and even get some skills:

  • Attentiveness – count the number of cards and try to predict your opponent's further action.
  • Assiduity – this game has many strategies; it depends on your gameplay stile and rules.
  • Develop your memory and intuition with numerous quests.

Fixies games are suitable both for boys and girls. Every person is interested in learning how a particular device works, because it’s difficult to imagine modern life without them. You can play puzzles, coloring games and adventure projects on our website. Play on PC or mobile phone without registration. We offer you to have a great time in the company of tiny masters!

For a smoother visual experience, you’d better launch it in full-screen mode by pushing the corresponding button in the right bottom corner. After you finish playing, please rate the game by assigning it a minimum of 1, maximum 5 stars to it.