100 Metres Race

The Olympic Games are always a grand event that the whole world is watching. Participants from every corner of the planet gather at the Olympics to bring home the victory and the title of world champion, show their strength, agility and speed.

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In the 100 meters’ race game you will be one of those who will fight for the title of world champion and it will last with you for several years.

Run a hundred meters with the rest of the participants, the best representatives from their countries.

First, choose the country and the player you will play for. Then go to the start and get ready to start. Wait for the signal and run to the finish as fast as you can.

The control is very simple – to gain speed, press the two keys of the keyboard simultaneously «left, right». It is necessary to understand the management of the player and then you will easily come running first.

Take first place in the qualifying round, with confidence go to the second round and win a gold medal for your country. Everything depends only on you. Next for the victory!


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