The entirely page is dedicated to the company of superheroes from various Marvel comics universes. Superheroes with different abilities are here with one goal: to protect our world from danger. The Avengers act not only as familiar characters because you may find them in different genres.

The peculiarities of flash games with avengers:

  1. Adventure games.
  2. Car races.
  3. Shooting games.
  4. Strategies.

The Avengers dedicated their lives to saving the innocent souls. These heroes save the Earth from attacks and disasters. Games involving the Avengers will fit to different groups of people, both boys and girls. This is a great opportunity to test yourself in puzzled situations when you need to act as soon as possible. You will have to defeat the enemies in the fights offered at each new level of the game. Click the icon and join them in Universe protection.

After you finish, please rate the game to help others understand if it’s worth trying. If it doesn’t work correctly, please update your browser to the latest version and make sure it supports HTML 5.