Sheep Games

Sheep is a category of games in which the main character is a sheep. If you love animals, and especially these cute fluffy ungulates, then you should play these wonderful games. Choose fabulous stories that you definitely like. Immerse yourself in the life of cute animals. Embark on the most exciting journeys with them.

Join the garden struggle between cows and sheep to decide which of you is stronger and faster. Play games where you need to go through various mazes to achieve the goal. Be the owner on your farm with animals and arrange for them the best living conditions. Be the one to set an example for all the other sheep. Look for the most unusual and fun solutions. Feel the happiness and freedom.

If you don’t have the player, you can download it at no cost from its official site. Then you just press Play, and the game begins. As you can see, most players rate it with 5 stars. If you want to come back to it once again, you may add it to favorites.

Game Features:

  • various plots
  • many animals
  • animal games

Play your cute game in Sheep games!