Do you feel a lack of adrenaline in your body or you are bored? Or you keen on secret missions and prefer to develop strategies? In this list there are numerous games that will suit for your preferences.

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Escape games is a specific genre that include the growth of several skills: attention, watchfulness, speed of reaction and agility. The player can be experienced in projects of different tags.

Types of games:

  • Escape from rooms, dungeons and castles to avoid your opponents. Often, the player takes on the role of a thief.
  • Quest games there you wonder in a labyrinth full of dangers and artifacts.
  • Running games to escape from enemies of the main character.

In this sort of games, we usually need to destroy barriers and avoid being discovered by mobs. According to the great variety of games you will love this genre too. Upgrade your skills with each new level and go up in the competition table. As a player you need a mouse and a keyboard. Choose the game and let’s go!

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