PHYSICS GAMES is a category of games in which you have to somehow use the laws of physics. These games are suitable for those who love strategies and difficulties. You will have to choose the right actions only using your knowledge and logic, as well as calculations. In some games, you will need to throw something to get right on target.

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You must calculate the speed, size and trajectory of the object to get exactly on target. In some games you need to calculate the depth of the dive so that it brings victory and is not dangerous. You will test yourself and your knowledge in completely different conditions and areas of life, then this knowledge will be useful to you. You should be focused on the task and not be distracted.

The game should run smoothly on any modern desktop browser. To launch it, you just need to press Play. You don’t need to register on our site or pay for anything. After you finish, please rate the game with a minimum of 1, maximum 5 stars.

Game Features:

  • logic games
  • various plots

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