Defense games are aimed to attract every player no matter what the age temper. Defense Is the main strategy of the game, with which you will achieve a prosperous victory. The gameplay is not complicated, and the controlling is quite simple. You need only a mouse to start play.

Some features of the gameplay:

  • The player can build new defensive points.
  • Improve points that were installed before.
  • Purchase new weapons.
  • Set savvy traps or hire companions to your army of defense.

Improve your buildings in the game, the characteristics of the troupes will raise. Set up your defense to smash mobs before they reach your gate. The gamer should never relax because you never know when your enemy will attack you. Find out how to repel the attack and to implement a more effective offensive on your opponents. The gamer will discover something new and useful in each game from the list.

Don’t miss the opportunity to get the great experience. A lot of indicative levels are waiting for you! To make the best of this game, you should open it in full-screen mode by pushing the corresponding button in the right down corner. If there are any bugs or the game won’t launch, please push the Doesn’t Work? button marked with a red triangle.