Match 3

Match 3 Games

Match 3 is a genre of games where to win you need to put 3 any items in a row. Items are completely different, it can be anything from coins to diamonds. Locations are also completely different. It can be the bottom of the ocean or the desert, the modern world or the distant past. To win you need to put identical objects in one row so that they disappear.

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You must be careful and act very quickly because the objects must be exactly the same in both shape and color. Sometimes it’s easy to get confused, so you should be on the alert all the time. Help the characters of the game go to victory. You can help pirates, lifeguards and ordinary people. Each game has its own story and ultimate goal.

As you can see, most users rate this game high. The maximum possible rating is 5 stars, the minimum is 1 star. You may also share it on social networks so that your friends can join. If it doesn’t work correctly, please update your browser to the latest version and make sure it supports HTML 5.

Game Features:

  • mindfulness games
  • develop logic and speed

Put items in a row more correctly than all in Match 3 games!