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How to play?
The toy resembles Mafia. The principle is that players (from 4 to 10 people) incognito are given the role of saboteurs or peaceful crew members. It's more fun to play for saboteurs, because they have to hide in the most unexpected places in the location (a spaceship or a research base, depending on the map) and set traps for naive crew members, killing them or interfering with quest tasks. In this case, the crew must calculate the pests or at least try to complete some of the tasks set by the system. The moment of voting adds spice, when players decide whether a particular player suspected of sabotage is eliminated from the gameplay. At the same time, the knocked-out saboteur has the right to observe the gameplay in the form of an ethereal ghost, hiding in the walls. But at the same time, the character is deprived of the right to vote in elections and the ability to do dirty tricks. It's a pity :(

Examples of sabotage
Narrowing the visibility of the playing field (turning off the light).
Break of communications.
Cut off the oxygen supply.
Start the countdown of the ship's destruction system.
What the games among us pump

The game won the Discovery of the Year prize at the 2020 Golden Joystick Awards.

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