Flappy Vogel

Flappy Vogel


Een interessant online spel Flappy Vogel met de originele naam Flappy Vogel wordt gratis aangeboden op onze site.
Het is al 17 keer gespeeld.
De beoordeling van de game is 4.2 / 5 en scoort 141 likes.
Beschikbare apparaten: Mobiele telefoons, Android, tablets .
Ontwikkeld op HTML5 en werkt op alle computers en telefoons - speel fullscreen zonder vertragingen.
Datum toegevoegd: 06.22.2019
Taal van siteversie: Nederlands

How to manage a bird? By pressing your finger on the screen you hold the bird in the air and each time you press the bird in a sharp movement rises up. To get comfortable in the game you need to try it, do not expect that you will immediately be able to get a lot of points.

In this game, you will need skill and attentiveness. The game helps to distract from the problems and the whole world, it captures you from the very beginning, because it is endless, and also it brings patience and willpower. So come on with us getting better! It has a simple plot, but has already been able to attract many users with its 2D graphics.

There is no level in the game, but there are points for passing a certain distance and a medal (gold, silver and bronze).

Good luck!