Fireboy en Watergirl

Fireboy en Watergirl


Een interessant online spel Fireboy en Watergirl met de originele naam Fireboy en Watergirl wordt gratis aangeboden op onze site.
Het is al 1155 keer gespeeld.
De beoordeling van de game is 4.4 / 5 en scoort 184 likes.
Beschikbare apparaten: Mobiele telefoons, Android, tablets .
Ontwikkeld op HTML5 en werkt op alle computers en telefoons - speel fullscreen zonder vertragingen.
Datum toegevoegd: 06.22.2019
Taal van siteversie: Nederlands

Fireboy and Watergirl run and jump through the water and through the fire. You need to know that Fireboy is afraid of water and his way through fire, lava and boiling puddles. Be careful when passing the water, the Fireboy should not protrude into it. For Watergirl, on the contrary, fire is dangerous. She must be careful and walk on the water, as touching the fire is painful for her.

The common thing about heroes is that it is dangerous for them to walk on the green and black puddle. The end of the path is the door leading to the next temple. For the guy – the red door, for the girl – green. Collect diamonds along the way and do not forget about time (the less time you spend on the way, the higher you are in the rating)

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