משחק מקוון מעניין Backflipper עם השם המקורי Backflipper מוצג באתרנו בחינם.
זה כבר הושמע 0 פעמים.
הדירוג של המשחק הוא 4.4 / 5 וציון 145 סימוני "אהבתי".
מכשירים זמינים: PC.
פותח ב- HTML5 ועובד בכל המחשבים והטלפונים - הפעל מסך מלא ללא פיגורים.
תאריך הוספה: 06.22.2019
שפת גרסת האתר: עברית

This is a dynamic game where you need to be constantly in motion. Run and jump on the roofs of buildings with various obstacles encountered on the way. Do it like a cool parkourist, doing various tricks in the air, such as a flip.

The game has the ability to unlock unique characters, believe me, they are worth it. But first you need to collect a certain amount for their purchase. To do this, collect the coins found on your way.

Take the mouse in your hands and manage the coolest flipper! For masterful coups, move the mouse left or right. Unlock all the characters to find out how much each of them is unique in their business. It is worth seeing!

Play Backflipper on to make sure how cool it is to feel free while running over rooftops and experience the art of parkour with us!!