Hunter e Adereços

Hunter e Adereços

Este jogo nao esta disponivel no celular.
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Um jogo online interessante Hunter e Adereços com o nome original Hunter and Props é apresentado em nosso site gratuitamente.
Já foi reproduzido 591 vezes.
A classificação do jogo é 4.5 / 5 e marcou 122 curtidas.
Dispositivos disponíveis: PC .
Desenvolvido no HTML5 e funciona em todos os computadores e telefones - reproduz tela cheia sem atrasos.
Data em que foi adicionado: 07.02.2019
Idioma da versão do site: Português

You can also choose the location (for example, hotel) and the time, for instance:

  • May,
  • July,
  • the New Year.

As soon as the game starts, you find yourself in an unknown premise. There are numerous rooms there with furniture, and other players are moving around. When a player gets connected or disconnected, you’ll see the log.

This is an HTML5 game that should run smoothly on any modern desktop or mobile browser. To launch it, you just need to press Play. The game won’t require you to register on our site or to install any additional software, clogging the memory of your device.

If Hunter and Props for some reasons won’t start, please report it by pushing the Doesn’t Work? button marked with a red triangle. After you finish playing, please rate the game with a minimum of 1, maximum 5 stars.