Fireboy e Watergirl 3

Fireboy e Watergirl 3

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Un interesante xogo en liña Fireboy e Watergirl 3 co nome orixinal Fireboy and Watergirl 3 aparece no sitio web de balde.
Xa se xogou 1928 veces.
A clasificación do xogo é de 4.3 / 5 e 157 gústalles.
Dispositivos dispoñibles: Teléfonos móbiles, Android, tabletas .
Desenvolvido en HTML5 e funciona en todos os ordenadores e teléfonos - reproduce a pantalla completa sen retardos.
Data engadida: 06.22.2019
Idioma da versión do sitio: galego

After having gone through the previous part of the Fireboy and Watergirl, you already know that it is very important to work together. Both of our heroes Fireboy and Watergirl will meet with ice. But how will this acquaintance of the new element and the Fireboy pass?

Managing heroes becomes harder, as the Watergirl quickly and easily passes the ice, which is not to say about the Fireboy, because it was created from fire.

For an adventure in the Ice Temple, a little help is offered to simplify passing the level — a feature such as hot fire rays. With this, you can melt the ice where necessary. Then you will find the necessary buttons that are sure to come in handy. Control the girl with the mouse and the boy with the keyboard arrows.

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