Bala Forza

Bala Forza

Este xogo non está dispoñible no móbil.
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Un interesante xogo en liña Bala Forza co nome orixinal Bullet Force aparece no sitio web de balde.
Xa se xogou 892 veces.
A clasificación do xogo é de 4.4 / 5 e 168 gústalles.
Dispositivos dispoñibles: PC.
Desenvolvido en HTML5 e funciona en todos os ordenadores e teléfonos - reproduce a pantalla completa sen retardos.
Data engadida: 07.01.2019
Idioma da versión do sitio: galego

It’s a highly dynamic and emotional shooter, adored by boys and men of all ages. It will help you relax and unwind after a busy day at school or in the office. The game takes some time to download, but the wait is worth it. The main skills you need to succeed here are:

  • attention,
  • patience;
  • reaction.

Normally action games of this sort require downloading. Fortunately, you may play Bullet Force straight from your browser, without clogging the memory of your device. The only technical requirement is that your browser should support HTML5. You won’t need to register on our site: just push Play and the game will start.

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