Mahdotonta Tietovisa

Mahdotonta Tietovisa

Tama peli ei ole kaytettavissa matkapuhelimella.
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Mielenkiintoinen online-peli Mahdotonta Tietovisa alkuperäisellä nimellä The Impossible Quiz esitetään sivustollamme ilmaiseksi.
Sitä on jo pelattu 22 kertaa.
Pelin luokitus on 4.6 / 5 ja pisteytetty 132.
Käytettävissä olevat laitteet: PC.
Kehitetty HTML5: ssä ja toimii kaikissa tietokoneissa ja puhelimissa - pelaa koko näytössä ilman viiveitä.
Lisäyspäivä: 06.20.2019
Sivuston version kieli: suomi

You are offered a choice of task or question, each of which is given four answers. Many questions with tricks, quibble and ambiguous and based for non-standard logic.

Passing the game you will come across many surprises and mini-games. Use all your skills and ingenuity. Know that with every mistake one life is lost. There are three lives altogether and after burning these lives, you have to start over.

We assure you that this game is unique with its unusual concept: funny, as well as having to think outside the box. It is worth noting that some answers are not logical. but do not worry, this makes the game more fun and you easily pass through all the levels, and after the game you learn the skill to see the details in complex issues and situations.

The Impossible Quiz is leader in the selection of Thinking and Quize games. Play online and free on the, answer crazy questions and win!

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