Leikkaa Rope 2

Leikkaa Rope 2

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Mielenkiintoinen online-peli Leikkaa Rope 2 alkuperäisellä nimellä Cut The Rope 2 esitetään sivustollamme ilmaiseksi.
Sitä on jo pelattu 22 kertaa.
Pelin luokitus on 4.7 / 5 ja pisteytetty 136.
Käytettävissä olevat laitteet: matkapuhelimet, Android, tabletit .
Kehitetty HTML5: ssä ja toimii kaikissa tietokoneissa ja puhelimissa - pelaa koko näytössä ilman viiveitä.
Lisäyspäivä: 06.22.2019
Sivuston version kieli: suomi

A huge number of new levels, new locations and graphics. The green monster is already waiting for you to play with you in new places with one hundred and twenty levels in unexpected and picturesque places. Now you go on an unforgettable journey, and forests, lakes, rivers, even the city and landfills. This is all in order to find the most delicious candy.

Our hero brought the second part of his friends. We have already met them and would like to present them to you: Roto – helicopter: always happy to help Om Nom to get candy in hard to reach places; Lick – always helps to get over the cliff, thanks to its long tongue; Blue – copies himself with lightning speed and helps Om Nom reach unprecedented heights in the search for sweets; Toss – with its spring on the head easily throws objects and candy; Bu – naughty monstrik who loves to scare their friends – oddly enough, it inspires them to new feats. All of them are unique in their abilities, appearance and character. Next for sweets in a new world with new friends!

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