HOSPITAL GAMES is a genre of games where you get into the atmosphere of a hospital and take on one of the roles. The choice of games is huge, so you can choose something that you like, or try them all. In some games you will become a doctor who needs to cure sick people.

Someone will just have a cold, and someone will have a serious illness or a fracture, you will need to have surgery. In other games, you can just be a nurse who helps the head doctor and cares for patients. You can also try yourself in the role of a veterinarian and treat not animals but animals, cats and dogs for diseases. Be careful and careful, because you have a huge responsibility. Follow all instructions to prevent errors during the operation.

You’ll experience vivid emotions and the games will be your topic for discussion for days ahead. If it doesn’t work correctly, please update your browser to the latest version and make sure it supports HTML 5. You can also like or dislike the game, add it to favorites, and rate it with 5 stars maximum.

Game Features:

  • teaches responsibility
  • develop mindfulness
  • realism

Become a doctor or nurse at HOSPITAL GAMES!