Cars 2: World Grand Prix

Cars 2: World Grand Prix

Deze game is niet beschikbaar op mobiel.

Een interessant online spel Cars 2: World Grand Prix met de originele naam Cars 2: World Grand Prix wordt gratis aangeboden op onze site.
Het is al 120 keer gespeeld.
De beoordeling van de game is 4.2 / 5 en scoort 131 likes.
Beschikbare apparaten: PC .
Ontwikkeld op HTML5 en werkt op alle computers en telefoons - speel fullscreen zonder vertragingen.
Datum toegevoegd: 06.22.2019
Taal van siteversie: Nederlands

The game is developed according to the plot of the famous Disney cartoon Cars. Come into the game and control the outcome of the script. Win all opponents of McQueen and personally meet with the rest of the characters. In addition to the king of the race, you are waiting for Carla Veloso, Max Schnell and others. Manage your characters and earn points. Ride around the world and enjoy your best trip in your life with your favorite cartoon characters Cars 2.

Do you remember the coolest episode in the cartoon where the most famous racers from around the world gathered? It was unforgettable! Feel the same emotions and experiences that Lightning McQueen went through.

Take part in races and collect bonuses, thanks to which you will come to the finish line faster. Of course, on the way there will be obstacles that are spots from oils because of which the cars will slip, holes and dirt on the road. Consider these moments, be careful and you will succeed.