Films are a wonderful world of adventure and an incredible range of emotions. Watching any plot, we can feel the characters, their tears of joy and pain, happiness and disappointment, loss and love. He brings us to any change and show a completely different world.

Our game series, modeled on popular films and cartoons, is very popular with people of any age. We have collected for you various collections of games, from children's adventure games to adult action movies.

Thanks to this genre of games, you can find yourself in any moment of a movie or cartoon, get closer acquainted with any heroes we have and go on adventures with them or fight like brave superheroes.

The best and most popular ever Movie Games are collected on Play Cars with the legendary Lightning McQueen, become the champion of the road! Save the city from villains with Spider-Man! Travel with Disney characters Shrek, Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse and many others. Play with the characters from the films Beyblade, Batman and so on.

Welcome to the world of filmmaker! Choose a game and become a part of a movie or cartoon sitting at home!