Dog Fight2

Dog Fight2


元の名前がDog Fight2の興味深いオンラインゲームDog Fight2が無料で当サイトに表示されます。
ゲームの評価は4.3 / 5で、108のいいね!を獲得しました。
FLASHで開発され、Flash Playerを使用してすべてのコンピューターで動作します-遅延なくフルスクリーンで再生します。

You’ll discover these tactics when you’ll be moving around the screen, trying to shoot your enemies. One of these tactics is, for example, to stay close to the ground. But be careful: even if the enemies don’t hit you but you crash against the ground, you lose! As you can see, other players give a high rating. The game:

  • is very dynamic;
  • has impeccable colorful graphics;
  • simple to play.

This is a Flash game that should run smoothly on any browser that supports Flash Player. To launch it, you don’t need to pay or install any software. Just press Play and the fun will begin. To get the most impressive visual experience, you can open the game in full-screen mode by pushing the corresponding button in the right bottom corner. Using another button, you can add Dog Fight 2 to your favorites so that you come back to it later at any moment.