3D Moto Simulator 2

3D Moto Simulator 2


משחק מקוון מעניין 3D Moto Simulator 2 עם השם המקורי 3D Moto Simulator 2 מוצג באתרנו בחינם.
זה כבר הושמע 39 פעמים.
הדירוג של המשחק הוא 4.4 / 5 וציון 126 סימוני "אהבתי".
מכשירים זמינים: PC.
פותח ב- HTML5 ועובד בכל המחשבים והטלפונים - הפעל מסך מלא ללא פיגורים.
תאריך הוספה: 06.23.2019
שפת גרסת האתר: עברית

I choose any bike, get behind it and most likely start it. Test it in various locations, our ideally designed 3D world allows you to play to the fullest. Accelerate and forget about fear, do not think about security, this is all unimportant.

Have fun in our new 3D Moto Simulator game, testing various motorcycles that were selected exclusively for speed and drive.

Motorcycle control is quite simple. To control the transport, press the arrow keys, press the shift key to slow down. You can also change the camera view by pressing C. And to get off the motorcycle there is the R key, you can also use it when you have an accident or as a result of a breakdown you need to throw away your bike.

Full freedom of action on the road! Do whatever you want. Switch speed and test motorcycle abilities. Find a suitable bike for you and ride with pleasure in 3D Moto Simulator on FreegamesBoom.com.