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Game MLG

Snake's style of play - MLG Edition - can be played on the grid with friends from a PC.

This game is not available on mobile.
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An interesting online game with the original name MLG presented on our site for free.
It has already been played 2644 times.
The rating of the game is 4.6 / 5 and scored 167 likes.
Available Devices: PC.
Developed on FLASH and works on all computers using Flash Player - play fullscreen without lags.
Date Added: 07.12.2019
Site version language: English

How to play
Playing snakeys mlg is simple - choose a snake skin, absorb food and grow. The joke of this version is that here you can eat weak rivals and take their earnings.

Version Features:

convenient management;
quality optimization;
unique snake skin.
What to do to win

Expand snake is mlg full screen and watch out for other players so that they don’t eat you. The game ends when you touch a certain part of the head of your snake to the bodies of other snakes or hook your own.

To manage to hide from the enemy or catch up with an unlucky little snake, use the function to increase the speed of movement. The game has typical MLG music and classic sound effects.

We offer games such as the mlg snake for free, so you have fun in your free time. Create the largest snake, absorb opponents and take leading positions in the ranking. The game will go to those who are waiting in line or stuck in a traffic jam - brighten up the painful expectation in the company of a snake.


Mouse - Move
Mouse Click - Acceleration