Murder is an action game created by Studio Seufz in Stuttgart, Germany, where you need to kill the king.  The kingdom with a huge number of conspirators, where everyone craves power, everywhere enemies and gossip.  Wealth, luxury, danger and extreme will haunt you!

This game is not available on mobile.
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Play and develop your observation and caution skills online.  It is very important to do everything thought out and carefully.  Build your tactics and strategy for killing the king.  The first attempt may turn out to be a failure, but with each murder you will become the best expert on your business – the king's killer.

In fact, this is not so difficult, but not everyone succeeds in this, maybe you are the lucky one who will become the next king.

Many of the king's entourage will try to stop you.  There will be contenders for your life.  They want to substitute you, for example, it can be a prison for many years or poison.  Pay attention to the butler.  He was obviously plotting against you.

If you suddenly notice something suspicious, it is better to postpone the murder.  Do it later, take your time.  Be careful!

Play Free Kill the King and Become Them at!  Challenge your fate with us right now!

Good luck, see you at the coronation!


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