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Airport Madness 6

Airport Madness 6

In the game «Airport Madness 6» you will take on the role of a real air traffic controller who monitors airports and controls the departures and arrivals of aircraft. In the long-awaited sixth part of the game «Airport Madness 6», you will fly planes over the real airports of Vancouver, San Francisco, Honolulu, Las Vegas, New York. There is both a free limited version and a paid full one.

This game is not available on mobile.
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An interesting online game with the original name Airport Madness 6 presented on our site for free.
It has already been played 2726 times.
The rating of the game is 4.3 / 5 and scored 121 likes.
Available Devices: PC.
Developed on FLASH and works on all computers using Flash Player - play fullscreen without lags.
Date Added: 06.24.2019
Site version language: English

Enjoy every new feature in this game! Now you can designate arrival and departure runways for aircraft. There are new game modes and a radar for viewing all flights in the airspace around your airport. The Airport Madness World Edition also has the voices of human pilots and an efficiency meter to see how well you perform as an air traffic controller. Despite the fact that this version has a lot of new things, your main task remains the same. You must keep the planes apart to avoid accidents in the air, keeping an eye on taxiing to avoid collisions on the ground. Now keep these planes in safe traffic to avoid unnecessary delays for impatient passengers.

Play the free online game «Airport Madness 6» on your computer right now! This online game does not need to be downloaded, you just need to open a tab in your browser at any time and start playing. The game has a simple but enjoyable gameplay.