Fighting Games on our site are games for real fighters! We have collected all the best collections according to users for several years.

Run on abandoned buildings, shoot at enemies, run away, pass unscathed through a shootout!

Choose special weapons and strikes to enhance protection.

Run from the cops or chase after the bombers, in the name of good or evil – you decide!

Run out of prison, fight for freedom with guards and other prisoners. They are only a small obstacle that can be circumvented, but will have to be smart.

Become a super hero or a ninja, fight like a warrior and learn the art of battle. Use all your power in battle.

Learn every kind of battles and martial arts, then drain your skills and go forward to battle, following the goal.

On you can choose a game for any user. Whatever the player’s taste, we can confidently say that he will choose the game to his own taste and age. We recommend playing as many games as possible and evaluating each one.

Fight and win for free in a huge number of games with us!